Ginger or Jason


Our Puppy Price

Standard Puppies (1500.00)

Liver Puppies (2000.00)

Lavender or Imperial (2000.00)

If interested in a puppy. Please fill out form below and Contract.


    867 Freeman creek Rd.
    Eastanollee, GA. 30538

    Location sold: Home/internet
    I understand and will abide by the following conditions of this sale:

    1. This puppy will be guaranteed for 30 DAYS ONLY. It covers all life-threatening hereditary conditions. This does not Include: WORMS, UMBILICAL HERNIAS, INGUINAL HERNIAS, TIGHT NOSTRILS, HYPOGLYCEMIA, COCCIDIA, AND EAR MITES.

    2. All my puppies are sold as pet quality only and must be spayed /neutered by the ago of 4-6 months. INITIAL

    3. I agree to have my puppy spayed /neutered by 6 months. INITIAL

    4. Registration papers will be emailed, texted, or sent by messenger Once proof of spay /neuter is submitted to us.

    5. Tight nostrils can sometimes be present in the brachycephalic (short head and muzzle, flat face) breeds especially during the teething stage and usually resolves after the adult teeth fully come in.

    6. I do my best to provide the healthiest and most pleasant puppy I can. However, as a breeder there are out of breeders control and must be done by trial and error as there is not a genetic test for everything that may occur such as: inguinal and umbilical hernias. There is no genetic marker test to prevent them from happening, if in fact it is from a genetic condition. As both these conditions may also be acquired by a trauma such as fall or the mother stepping on them. An umbilical hernia suffers a blunt trauma or the mother severing the cord to short or pulling at the cord for extended periods.

    7. All puppies are vet checked before leaving into the buyer's care. Any unforeseen health issue will be brought to the buyer's attention before leaving with the puppy. Depending on the findings, the buyer may choose to proceed with the sale and or adoption contract.

    8. There will be NO RETURN OF PUPPIES FOR ANY REASON. I am unable to accept returned puppies because of canine diseases, viruses, and other illnesses that the puppy may contract in the care of the buyer.

    9. BUYER MUST TAKE PUPPY TO VET WITHIN 72 HOURS TO VALIDATE THIS GAURANTEE. Extensions may be made, only if buyer contacts seller with the vet appointment date. Any claim must be submitted with a necropsy report and all vet documents. INITIAL

    10. Seller is not responsible for any vet bills, expenses, medications, or travel expenses once in buyer's care. INITIAL

    11. All Reservation Fees & money paid toward the puppy is NON-REFUNDABLE. Any money paid toward the puppy is forfeited if puppy isn't paid in full by 9 weeks of puppy's age. Exception-must contact seller and make other arrangements,

    12. Puppies 8 week plus left here unapproved by the breeder will be a charge of $30 daily boarding fee due at pickup. BUYER SIGNATURE

    13. Adult sizes and color are an estimate only, based off seller's experience and recognition. NO guarantees made.

    14. This contract is NON-TRANSFERABLE and is void if puppy changes ownership from buyers stated below.